About Us

Our Story

We met as assistant professors at Arizona State University, both having just finished our postdocs - Alice at MIT and Carrie and Memorial University of Newfoundland. Transitioning to our first faculty jobs was stressful, and we both struggled with the new role. The university provided very little support or mentoring, something we both needed in order to succeed as academics at an R1 university that had something to prove.

One of the most difficult parts of becoming a faculty member is getting enough writing done quickly. Writing is a lonely activity, especially for academics, whose peers are often far away and living busy lives of their own. Productivity is a real issue - and we both wished we could have had help getting our research published.

We decided to create a company that helped others with their writing because we know how hard it is to get and stay motivated when there are a million other tasks that get in the way (teaching, administration, life). We want to help people succeed - get that writing done and published, so that they can graduate, get that job, get tenure.



Alice Daer holds a PhD in Rhetoric and Composition Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison; she also completed a postdoctoral fellowship at MIT. She has over 20 years’ experience working as a writer and writing teacher in higher education and business, having worked most recently as a content strategist for Thomson Reuters and as an English professor at Arizona State University. Her expertise lies in helping professors and instructors design assignments that maximize students’ learning experiences. She has taught writing and media studies at the University of Kansas, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Capella University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Arizona State University.



Carrie Gillon has a PhD in Linguistics, and is an expert in grammar, tone, and academic voice. She has 20 years experience working as a writer and over 10 years experience working as an editor. She has written two academic books on North American indigenous languages and many papers on grammar and meaning (and how they work together). Language is her passion and she can help you up your academic game. She taught linguistics at the University of British Columbia and Arizona State University. She is also the co-host of The Vocal Fries Podcast, the podcast about linguistic discrimination.