Why Slack Is Great For Writers


Heard of Slack but never used it before? I'm here to tell you why it's fantastic for academic writers. 

First, the basics: Slack is a communication tool that basically works as a chat window. You can use it as either a piece of software on your computer or phone, OR you can just use their website. Your choice. 

How it works

When you join a Slack "channel," such as the one we offer for the writers we work with, you're basically joining a group of people who have come together in that space to talk about stuff. Different channels specify different topics, and they're typically labeled as such.

For example, we at Quick Brown Fox have a "work" channel that we use to talk to each other throughout the day or week. Only the QBF partners use it, and you can only see the conversations there if you've been invited. 

The reason we love it is that we use it instead of email. Slack allows you to tag people, share links, build threads, attach documents, and react with emojis or GIFs to anything anybody types in that channel. Why is that great? 

Three words: no more email.

If you're an academic, chances are you get too much email. Amirite? Slack does away with that. Once you have a group of people talking to each other in a channel, you can share everything there and do away with email altogether (or save it for really important stuff). 

So why is Slack great for writing?

Well, to put it plainly: it means you're not alone while you write. We have opened up TWO Slack channels that you can join to see if you like having someone there next to you as you pound out the pages of your summer writing project.

The first is a free, unstaffed channel where academic writers can come together and just say "hey, what are you working on? how's it going? what's your favorite espresso drink?" The paid channel (only $20/week!) is staffed by us and allows you to share your work in progress and get feedback and support. See more about both here

So what are you waiting for? Give Slack a go! It's what all the cool kids are doing. ;) 

How to join us

Contact us at quickbrownfoxconsulting@gmail.com if you want to be added to our free Slack channel. Just send us your name and preferred email address and we'll add you in minutes. It's that easy. Then if you decide you want to join our paid channel later, that's an option too. 

Happy writing! 

Alice Daerservices, slack